Computers + Programming in Tanzania

 This school year we started a year-round Programming class at the Hope International School in Moshi, Tanzania!

After learning that the Hope International School had no computers and is prone to power outages, we knew that these students would benefit the most from technological education. Since computers are essential to programming, we decided to design and build our very own low-cost computers. We sent our first batch of 5 computers in early August to ensure they would arrive in time for the beginning of their academic school year. The programming class has been in session ever since, with over 30 students in the class. In appreciation of our contributions, the students and teacher, Robert, compiled a heartwarming video for us showing just how powerful STEM education is.

We are planning to expand this program to the staff of other schools and adults in the community so that technology and STEM can make a difference in their lives, too.


Building low-cost computers for developing countries became such a success that many of our peers wanted to emulate this project for other countries. To make recreating it more accessible, Connect with Tech created a set of detailed instructions in addition to a website campaign.